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We have taught speech and language to 1,000+ hearing impaired children over the last 25 years.


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established in 2005 at RK Puram, New Delhi


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Best NGO in Delhi for Hearing Impaired Children

Suniye ensures that all children have the ability to go to college, play, engage, and discover with other kids of their age from preschool to third class. We, as a NGO for the hearing impaired help youngsters to boost their imagination and skills under the support of well-trained educators and continually strive to safeguard them a life of self-respect for themselves and their family members.
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NGO for Hearing Impaired

Students that do not get primary education and are learning in the right direction but can’t perform well in high school, Suniye makes sure they get the kind of education they need with the right direction and make them capable to decide for their future as Suniye completes 27 years of being the best NGO in Delhi and helping hearing impaired with giving them a new life.

We have been providing and maintaining speech and language therapy for so many years and now the parents are proud to say that we are the best NGO in Delhi for hearing impaired students as we are determined to educate the underprivileged children in the best direction. Children are omitted from education for numerous factors and poverty is one of the most self-willed obstacles. 

Our focus is on those who come from poverty-stricken families that are five times more likely than those from wealthier families to drop out of primary school. 

As a NGO for hearing impaired, we are continuously functioning in the direction of the improvement of their speech and language for the children and also think that every child is phenomenal by birth and can also achieve the heights of success if the appropriate new possibilities are offered with a fantastic environment to help children open their minds as well as recognize their dreams.

In classrooms, we urge and also assist kids in taking on discovering activities in groups. It makes the whole experience a lot more enjoyable and advertises healthy and balanced competition. We’re taking all the initiatives at the ground level to make Suniye the best educational NGO in Delhi 

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Best NGO in Delhi

As a Best NGO in Delhi, we are continuously functioning in the direction of the improvement of education for the children and also think that every child is phenomenal by birth and can also achieve the heights of success if the appropriate discovering possibilities are offered with a fantastic environment so help children open their minds as well as recognize their dreams.

Suniye Mission

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It has been scientifically proven that there is nothing called stone deafness. Even someone who is hearing impaired from birth has some residual hearing. At Suniye we help a child to teach them to listen to sounds with the help of their cochlear implants and learn how to speak. We as NGO for hearing impaired, are focussed on providing the best speech therapy classes. There is no short-cut available to a hearing impaired child to listen to sounds and learn to talk. Cochlear implant is another process to help a hearing impaired child, however, here a child also needs to be taught to listen to sounds and talk. Suniye’s goal is to enable hearing impaired children to learn how to listen, speak, read, write, and join mainstream society.

We adopt a holistic approach to teaching children to hear and speech through speech therapy, activity based learning, close integration with teaching staff at schools, and assistance with hearing aids and cochlear implants.

We engage extensively with the full community around the child and counsel / train them to deliver active support – parents, siblings, extended family and neighbours, school teachers etc.

We participate in fora and events aimed at affirmative action for the hearing impaired and engage local government and schools to effect change in policy and push for implementation

How We Help


Our children learn to recognise sounds and speech


We perform audiometry assessments and help get the best hearing aid


After the surgery, we help children gain speech and language


We help parents and close family understand how they can help the hearing impaired child


We facilitate the process of admissions in regular schools through the disability quota


We collaborate with the government and other NGOs to improve access and opportunities for hearing impaired and the disabled

Teaching speech and language is a 24×7 job that involves, parents, siblings, teachers, friends and family…anyone and everyone in contact with the child.

How to join Suniye

We welcome parents of all hearing impaired children to be part of our journey

We believe that we can partner with parents and the families of hearing impaired children to help them learn how to hear sounds and start speaking. Normal children hear a lot of sounds when they are young and automatically develop speech at 12-15 months age. With hearing impaired children, they do not speak because they have not heard many sounds. We believe that intensive training and constant exposure to speech and sounds is the best way to get them started on the journey.

Parents can choose to enrol as ordinary members of Suniye by filling a simple form and making an annual payment of INR 5,000 for each hearing impaired child. You may also choose to become a life member for a one-time payment of INR 21,000. 

The membership fees ensures that a hearing impaired child has access to all the facilities offered at Suniye – the speech therapy classes, audiometry facilities, counselling for parents, school visits, counselling for school teachers etc., and most importantly participation at all events conducted by Suniye

Our Children Who Have Done Well

We are proud of our children. We are in awe of their potential and what they can achieve. Our dream for each hearing impaired child is simple – we want them to grow up as confident members of society. We as NGO For hearing impaired believe in growth and hence providing quality speech and language to hearing impaired children for their better future.


Sponsor A Child's Speech Training

Our experience has shown that consistent effort in teaching a hearing impaired child speech and language helps them integrate well in society. They can attend school with regular children and learn in their company.

This helps them gain confidence and take decisions about what they want to do in their life in terms of the career and other aspects of family life.

Teaching a hearing impaired child speech and language does not require much equipment or tools. 

Over and above formal teaching, every occasion is an opportunity to talk to the child and to make her or him speak.

Sponsor a child's education

INR 3,750/USD 55
per month

Sponsor a child's education

INR 45,000/USD 630
per annum

Sponsor a teacher's salary

INR 15,000/USD 215
per month

This makes the teaching a 24 hour process and is helpful in accelerating the child’s progress toward speech, language, and hence an independent life.
Our trained teachers work with an average of four children each day. Before the pandemic, all classes were held at the Suniye School premises at Sector II, RK Puram, New Delhi (India). We have moved the classes to a digital delivery through WhatsApp Video calls as the children have been unable to attend school over the last 15 months. We have deliberately used WhatsApp video calls as the platform to ensure ease for our parents, most of whom come from low income households.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Suniye’s aim is to provide relevant education through our educational programs for hearing impaired children, youth, and counseling services for their families and communities. We want to use the finest available methodology and technology to achieve optimum SROI (social return on investment), to practise and to combine corporate competitiveness with social development activities, and to raise awareness of Civic Powered Reform among the privileged.

Suniye has been working in the fields of speech and language therapy for hearing impaired children as well as providing counseling services and audiology lab services for the general public.

Education alone has the capacity to free people from poverty – not only in terms of earning a living, but also in terms of becoming aware of the rights and freedoms that citizens have. As a result, our educational ngo in delhi is focusing on empowering students and making them self-sufficient.

Suniye was founded as a result of a group of corporate executives realising that it was their Social Responsibility to give back to society.

The target recipients of Suniye in the centre stage are children. The organisation for deaf and dumb ngo in delhi believes that a child’s education cannot be achieved without addressing the needs of the chilren, particularly the parents, as well as the communities in which they live.

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Our aim is to train hearing impaired children in speech and language so that they can maximise their potential and make their own choices in their career and in life.
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