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Introduction - Audiometry Test in Delhi

Hearing loss or presbycusis happens progressively with age because of persistent direct exposure to loud noises or extreme earwax. In most cases, hearing loss is irreparable. An audiologist can use Audiometry, a straightforward and non-invasive process to identify hearing loss in both adults and children.

Who is an Audiologist?

An audiologist is a medical specialist with the expertise to evaluate, identify, and treat hearing loss, tinnitus, and balance issues in infants, kids, and adults. 

Anatomy and physiology, electrophysiology, acoustics, psychophysics, neurology, vestibular function, hearing aids, cochlear implants, counseling are all covered in the training of audiologists.

How Suniye’s audiologist can help your child with Audiometry test

People are capable of hearing sound waves with frequencies between 20 – 20,000 Hz. The Audiometry test evaluates the strength as well as tone of the sound and also stabilizes concerns associated with the performance of the internal ear. Pure tone test aids to determine the quietest audio that you can hear at various pitches. Suniye’s audiologist will help students with audiometry tests on speech discrimination ability, mechanical audio transmission (function of the middle ear), and neural audio transmission (function of the cochlea).

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Advice from Suniye’s best Audiologist in Delhi

The objectives of an audiometry exam can vary. With the use of the audiometry test, audiologists learn more about the functionality and physical state of both of the ears. Doctors can then determine which part of your ear is impacted. The audiometry exam also helps identify the source of damage or harm.

According to the patient’s observed disability, the test makes use of various sound, pitch, and tone types. The real issue is identified using a number of methods. Additionally, a different diagnostic method or the same test might be used to investigate the problem’s root cause. A final assessment of the ear’s condition is prepared based on the outcomes of different diagnostic sessions, and this information is passed on to the Suniye’s audiology expert.

Although hearing loss cannot be restored, there are methods to compensate for it and restore the hearing you still have.

There are many various varieties of hearing aids available if it turns out you need to wear them. Additionally, they are far smaller than the hearing aids your grandfather used to wear. Others go completely concealed inside the ear canal, while some models lie behind it.

Devices that can amplify sound may be necessary for you to hear. For instance, some goods aid in increasing the volume of phone calls. Others are used to improve hearing in theaters or places of worship.

You might be able to better grasp what people are saying if you learn speech and language therapy with Suniye. You can learn to study this with the right instructions after getting Suniye’s audiometry test in Delhi

Our audiologist may advise you to wear earplugs to preserve your hearing when you attend events or go somewhere else when the noise level is too loud. This may help in limiting further hearing loss.

Audiological Facilities at Suniye:

  • QAE
  • BERA
  • ASSR
  • VEMP

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  • Speech Therapy Using Computer Based Technology
  • Neonatal Hearing Screening (Hearing Screening Of New Born)

Risks Connected with Suniye’s Audiometry Test

Suniye’s best audiologists in Delhi confirm it has no adverse effects as well as risks related to it as audiometry is a non-invasive test.

What to get out of the Audiometry test

During the audiometry test, if you can listen to the audio played in the pure-tone examination, you need to raise your hand. If you can speak the appropriate words from the sample during the second test, you do not have hearing loss. Hearing loss can also be identified if the vibrations from your mastoid bone do not reach your inner ear. You can get it checked through audiometry test in Delhi

Potential Outcomes of the Audiometry tests

According to the audiologists in New Delhi, an audiogram shows the hearing capabilities and is expressed in decibels. Typically, people shout at 8 decibels and talk at 60 decibels. If you are unable to hear the sound with the following intensity, then it shows the degree of hearing loss.

Mild hearing loss: 26– 40 decibels

Moderate hearing loss: 41- 55 decibels

Moderate: severe hearing loss: 56 – 70 decibels

Extreme hearing loss: 71 – 90 decibels

Profound hearing loss: 91- 100 decibels

Types of Audiometry Tests

Pure-tone audiometry– It is done to examine your hearing limit or ability making use of the audio of the very same tone but at various regularities.

Speech audiometry– It evaluates the functioning of the entire auditory system using two tests: a speech discrimination test and a speech reception threshold test.

Suprathreshold audiometry- This is done to determine whether or not the listener can recognize the speech. It establishes how well hearing aid users are doing.

Self-recording audiometry- In this testing, a motor quickly modulates the sound’s frequency and volume using an attenuator.

Resistance audiometry: This technique evaluates the air pressure, mobility, and responsiveness of the middle ear.

Subjective audiometry- After hearing the sound, the listener answers, and the responses are then recorded. 

Procedure for Audiometry

An audiometer is an electrical instrument comprised of:

Pure tone generator

Bone transmission oscillator

Attenuator to control the volume

Microphone to test speech


An audiometer, a device that generates sound through headphones, is used in the Pure Tone test. The audiologist will play sound in one ear at a time, in various tones and at varied intervals, as well as speech. Your hearing range can be assessed with the use of this diagnostic test. In one more test, you are required to repeat the words you listened to in the sound example. To determine how well vibrations travel through the bone to your inner ear, the third test presses a tuning fork or bone oscillator against the bone behind your ear (mastoid bone)

Audiometry Test Price in Delhi

The audiometry screening is a painless and non-invasive hearing test that assesses a person’s capacity to hear sounds, frequencies, or pitches. Patients with tumors near their ears are typically advised to do this. The exam establishes whether hearing has been lost and whether surgery or hearing aids are required.

There are numerous factors that might lead to hearing loss. Your hearing may be impacted by trauma, congenital ear defects, cancer, tumors, nerve problems, spinal problems, etc. Whatever the cause, if you are unable to hear sounds with normal pitch, tone, or clarity, an audiometry test will be advised by Suniye’s audiologist in New delhi. Suniye ensures that the audiometry test is done FREE of cost to help the hearing impaired children identify their hearing issues. This is why we have kept the audiometry test cost/price affordable for anyone who is admitting their child at Suniye.

Numerous additional aspects of hearing are also observed at Suniye’s audiometry test in Delhi.

When to see Suniye’s Audiologist in New Delhi

If you have hearing issues, especially in one ear, and also have problems understanding spoken words, you should see an ENT specialist for an Audiometry test in Delhi. Delhi-based ENT specialists suggest treatment recommendations and assist in determining the extent of hearing loss.

Take Away

The results of the audiometry tests may or may not show that you have a significant hearing loss depending on how loud and clear the sounds are that you can hear. To prevent additional harm, the Delhi-based audiologist in New Delhi will advise using safety measures like hearing aids or earplugs near loud noise to prevent further harm from occurring when there is loud noise.

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Audiometry Test in Delhi
Audiometry Test in Delhi
Suniye provides the best Audiometry Test In Delhi by their professional audiologists working in Delhi. They work with the Best Audiologists In Delhi!