Special School For Hearing Impaired

We are an NGO working toward the rehabilitation of hearing impaired children since 1995. Our efforts have benefited 1,000+ hearing impaired children till date. We are one of the very few NGOs in India teaching spoken language to hearing impaired children. We believe that hearing impaired children can be taught to listen and talk, thus enabling them equal opportunities.

To bring alive this belief, we run a support school where we impart speech & language training to young hearing impaired children through a trained team of speech therapists. Every year, we average 60+ students, 90% of whom are from low-income backgrounds. Our desire is that our children study at regular schools and grow up as productive members of society.  We are proud of our children; some of whom have done BE, MCA, MBA, B Com, and are working in private companies or in the government.

Purpose of our educational programs for hearing impairment

  • Teaching & Training: We adopt a holistic approach to teaching children to hear and speech through speech therapy, activity based learning, close integration with teaching staff at our special school for hearing impaired, and assistance with hearing aids and cochlear implants
  • Community Support: We engage extensively with the full community around the child and counsel / train them to deliver active support – parents, siblings, extended family and neighbours, school teachers etc.
  • Influence Policy Development: We participate in fora and events aimed at affirmative action for the hearing impaired and engage local government and schools to effect change in policy and push for implementation

Activities at a Glance

Due to its noteworthy success in providing educational programmes for hearing impaired individuals, Suniye is now a distinctive institution. Suniye emphasizes the importance of a top-notch education. A deliberate effort to mark up activities through good planning and execution results in proper results, the organisation has learned over the years from its own experience.

Our Mission

In order to achieve its goals of social, economic, cultural, and environmental development, Suniye undertakes a comprehensive process of community development for the less fortunate, ignored, and weaker segments of society. Suniye is an independent, nonprofit organization. Suniye, however, is making every effort to develop human resources holistically, primarily by providing speech and language education to individuals who can’t afford education.

Our Story

More than 1000 students have found a supportive home at the school for the past 27 years. Here, at our special school for the hearing impaired, where speech and language therapy serve as the primary form of communication, our youthful kids have developed into reasonable, educated adults. Our school’s kids receive all-around training from qualified teachers in a variety of areas. Shri. S Ramakrishnan, who has been with the kids since 1995 is the co-founder and currently in charge of the school.