Speech Therapy in Delhi

Introduction - Speech Therapy in Delhi

Speech therapy is a therapy of speech disorders or communication issues. Speech therapy is provided by a speech-language pathologist. Techniques to improve interaction are used in speech therapy. This involves expressive therapy, language intervention activities, or other approaches depending on the language issue.

A speech therapist specializes in diagnosing, examining, as well as dealing with communication conditions, swallowing problems, voice disorders, and cognitive-communication problems.

How can Suniye’s best speech therapist in Delhi assist you?

Speech-language pathologists are called a speech therapist. Speech therapists receive training that enables them to identify the issue and determine the most effective course of action. Speech therapists research human communication, its advancement, and its disorders.

  • A speech therapist needs to possess the necessary training or degree.
  • The SPL needs to have a license/qualification in this field. 

Suniye’s speech therapists in Delhi NCR work one-and-one with every kid to help them to overcome their troubles. Youngsters or grownups with Dyslexia, hearing problems, cleft lip, autism, electric motor preparation problems, traumatic mind injury, etc can seek assistance from Suniye’s top speech therapists in Delhi

It is better if the speech and language therapy begins as early as possible. Lower-five-year-olds learn more effectively than those who start later. This doesn’t imply that children who start speech and language therapy later on in life don’t show efficient outcomes. They discover a little slower as they have found out patterns that require to be changed throughout treatment.

Our best speech therapists in Delhi have experience of more than a decade and they have been treating hearing impaired students for years. They also see patients at few of the renowned speech therapy centres in Delhi

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When does one need speech and language therapy?

The sooner you begin therapy, the better. Early indicators of developmental impairments in babies appear as early as three months. 3 months means ahead of time to consult a specialist. It is a good idea to check signs, as well as if any problem comes around, you can get in touch with the pediatrician.

Babies begin to respond when spoken to by the time they are 12 months old. You should contact Suniye’s speech therapist in south Delhi and get in touch if your child doesn’t respond. Your child should be able to recognise hand signals like nodding, waving, and pointing by this point. The child ought to have said their first word by the time they turn two.If your child only communicates with you through gestures or isn’t vocalizing with you, you should see a speech therapy centre in Delhi (Suniye) rather than waiting for even more.

What happens throughout the session in our speech therapy centre in Delhi?

When your child enrolls in a speech therapy evaluation, they learn how to get over their speech issues. Suniye’s best speech therapists in Delhi work with your child to make them really feel comfortable and secure. One-on-one communication, working in small groups, as well as directly involving them in activities in a classroom assists your child get rid of specific speech difficulties. The process of Suniye’s speech therapy in Delhi also includes a variety of exercises and activities to treat every child individually.

  • Expression therapy: Expression therapy includes exercises that assist your child to discover sounds as well as syllables. Each exercise is tailored to the needs of your child’s therapy and is appropriate for his or her age. The speech therapist provides examples of how to pronounce letters like “r” and “t.”  They show the kids how to move their tongues to speak various words and sounds.


  • Language activities: To encourage a child’s language development, language activities include talking or playing with toys, books, or any continuing activity. The specialist makes use of repetition exercises to build language as well as speech skills.
  • Swallowing and feeding therapy: Suniye’s best speech therapist in Delhi will give you some exercises that include different lip, tongue, and jaw exercises if chewing and swallowing are a problem. It helps in building up the mouth’s muscle mass. The SPL additionally teaches the child to deal with various temperature levels and food structures to increase the child’s awareness throughout eating as well as swallowing.

What are the advantages of speech treatment?

Speech treatment has countless benefits. Below are a few of the advantages included in the process of speech and language therapy in Delhi.

  • Improving brain-body communication using articulation therapy.
  • Enhancing the knowledge of language in youngsters with stimulating language communication. It helps the child to find out using language through favorable reinforcement.
  • Boost in the ability for analysis.
  • Boost vocal high quality.
  • Enhancing self-confidence in the youngster.
  • Raised self-reliance.
  • Speech fluency.
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Speech Therapy in Delhi
Speech Therapy in Delhi
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