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Our children are just as talented as any other bunch of kids. They like to paint, sing, dance, act, play. They are as eager to learn new things, just the way you were…maybe before school started. We are looking for people like you to volunteer their time and talent and teach our children something new. Inspire them to unlock magic in their personality and become a someone with many facets.
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At Suniye, hearing impaired children and youth are eager to study and flourish. Students from marginalized sections are encouraged to pursue their dreams and set greater goals in life. Suniye has been supporting the Deaf community’s holistic development by providing professional skill development and job opportunities through our ‘donate to NGO’ (Suniye) mission. People throughout the world are contributing to raising the funds in their own small ways.

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Donate for a good cause

If you look at Suniye from a very narrow view, we are about helping the hearing impaired children. There are many NGOs, speech therapists, government and private hospitals, and private practitioners who do the same. Many of these teach sign language, which is restrictive as it is understood only by others who know how to sign.

The difference we bring is by insisting on ‘speech’ and ‘language’. These two words are so normal for you and me, we take them for granted. We are easily able to express ourselves in love and anger, win arguments, recite poetry and sing songs, so much that makes life worth it. Many of us speak more than just our mother tongues – some of us are polyglots who are ‘at home’ anywhere within the rich language and cultural diversity in India.

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Hearing impaired children miss not just this. They also miss on the opportunity of making choices on their career, marriage, and personal lives. All because they did not have the generosity and energy of people who helped them gain ‘speech’ and ‘language’. This is the core focus at Suniye. We want our children to rise above the tag of ‘hearing impaired’ or ‘deaf’ and grow into a responsible citizen of the country and the planet. We want them to become doctors, teachers, businessmen, inventors, coders, salesmen, government servants, authors, poets, artistes, sportspersons, home-makers, parents, wives & husbands…anything they want to be. We want them to be able to stand up and express anger, compassion, courage, disgust, fear, laughter, love, peace, and wonder – the nine human emotions.

This is the ambition we ask you to support. It is to make this dream come true for every hearing impaired child that we ask you to donate freely. Some options for you to look at are as below:

Monthly Sponsorship

Child’s Education – 3750 INR / 55 USD

Teacher’s Salary – 15000 INR / 215 USD

* Each teacher teachers an average of 4 children on a daily basis.

* Contributions for multiple months or a years is also most welcome.

  1. Annual Sponsorship

Child’s Education – 45,000 INR / 650 USD

Teacher’s Salary – 1,80,000 INR / 2560 USD

* Each teacher teachers an average of 4 children on a daily basis

For over 25 years, we have been investing in children’s futures where every person obtains equitable opportunities for all people, no matter where they come from. But you and other supporters are the only ones who will allow us to carry forward with our job.. Whether you want to donate once or on a regular basis, We value transparency in all of our transactions.

In addition, your donation is eligible for an 80G tax exemption in India when you donate with us.

At Suniye, we often come into contact with countless people who wish to be a part of our work but lack the time..If this describes you, kindly donate to an NGO like us so that we can improve children’s lives at the ground level.

Due to the fact that when you donate to help children, you are not only improving their lives but also contributing to the future of the community.

We have been making an investment into a future where everyone has equal possibilities, and with your donations to NGO, we might move a step closer to reaching this goal

Our Process: 

We are effective and efficient with our donations. Every step of the journey is thoroughly evaluated by us. Even the smallest donations are used toward initiatives where they will have the largest impact.

Why Donate to Suniye NGO?

Your donations to Suniye NGO allow us to support the most underprivileged children of Delhi, ensuring that they are able attend school and speak the language like us.

Without your support, we are unable to accomplish the task we undertake, hence for us to ensure happier childhoods for kids everywhere, we must all work together.

What does the Income Tax Act’s Section 80G mean?

If you are an individual searching for a Section 80G tax exemption. So then you are eligible for a 50% tax exemption by making a kind donation to a government organization or an NGO like Suniye. In conclusion, section 80G will offer tax benefits to a person or a business engaging in charitable activities. NGO Donations can qualify as tax deductions for taxpayers when they file their income tax returns.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Suniye’s aim is to provide relevant education to hearing impaired children, youth, and counselling services for their families and communities. We can proudly say that we are trying to become the best NGO in Delhi for hearing impaired because we are focusing on their betterment for last 27 years. We want to use the finest available methodology and technology to achieve optimum SROI (social return on investment), to practice and to combine corporate competitiveness with social development activities, and to raise awareness of Civic Powered Reform among the privileged.

Suniye has been working in the fields of speech and language therapy for hearing impaired children as well as providing counselling services and audiology lab services for the general public.

Tax exemption is the elimination or modification of a liability from making a required payment that is imposed on a property, income, and others by the governing power. If the outlined conditions are satisfied, you could be eligible for tax exemptions on charitable contributions when you donate to a charitable foundation or NGO.

Only non-profit organisations, charity trusts, and organisations like these are qualified for Section 80G tax exemptions. Religious trusts and other similar institutions are not eligible for the deductions. Due to the fact that it allows donors to deduct their donations from their taxes, the tax exemption under Section 80G (donation) is special.

Donation NGO

NGO Donation not only makes you happy but also enables you to donate while reducing your tax liability. As long as the NGO adheres with all of the act’s stated requirements, Section 80G of the Income Tax Act of 1961 exempts both the charitable trust and the charity contributor from paying taxes. To be eligible for the deduction, you must provide the NGO donation receipt.