What is Hearing and Development? 

Hearing words and sounds helps children develop the ability to talk and to comprehend. Children who have hearing loss are unable to hear these sounds. This could cause issues with reading, speaking as well as school performance and social abilities. It is essential to get your child tested in case you suspect that he is having trouble hearing. It’s important to ask for help as soon as you can.

Hearing loss in children could result in:

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Children who have hearing loss do not pick up language as quickly as those who do. They could:


Children with hearing loss could struggle to comprehend and use sentences. They might:

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Children who have hearing loss are unable to hear sounds clearly. There is a need to understand the importance of hearing as they might have difficulty communicating clearly. Hearing and speech impaired children might:

Academic Success

Children who have hearing loss experience difficulty in the classroom. Math and reading can be their most difficult subjects. The most important facts regarding the loss of hearing and academic achievement include:

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Social Skills

A loss of hearing can cause it to be more difficult to converse with other people. Children might not want to engage in conversation or play with others. Children with hearing loss could:

What You Can Do

The most important thing you could do is have your child’s hearing test to understand the importance of hearing. If you start early your child could communicate through speech and hearing therapy. You can check your child’s hearing with an audiologist in Delhi. They can speak to your child about the most effective method to treat the hearing impairment. This could include medical treatments and hearing aids as well as speech and language therapy.

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