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Dear parents, my name is Geeta Asnani. I am the mother of Prateek Asnani, who is an ex-student of Suniye. I would like to share my personal experiences with you about my son’s upbringing. When Prateek was 6 months old, he was first diagnosed with hearing loss. The doctors informed us that he suffers from profound hearing loss in both the ears. It was a huge shock for our family and it took us nearly 3 months to recover from it. By then, we had realised that therapy was the only solution to make Prateek’s life better. After a while, we came to know about the Ali Yavar Jung Institute where I took him for therapy. During the sessions, we met several existing students of Suniye like Vijay, Sonia and Cheenu. Suniye was the brainchild of Parvathi ma’am. These students were undergoing therapy as well as attending normal schools. We met their parents and took their suggestions and guidance so that we could lead our son along the same path.

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Dear Parents, My Name Is Geeta Asnani
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