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My name is Babli and my son’s name is Arpan. Arpan was born on 26th May 2011. At the time of birth we did not know that he was hearing impaired. When Arpan was six months old all the family members felt that something was wrong. Arpan was not responding to our voices and also to the music that was played. Even when we played the music loud he would not respond. Six months passed like this as we had no knowledge about hearing impairment and due to this we lost a lot of time. Many people told us that we should not worry as there are many children who speak late and react late to sounds or voices. When Arpan was one year old we did not see any improvement in his listening and responding. Then we went to AIIMS – All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi. There they conducted a hearing test and told that Arpan is hearing impaired. Doctor recommended us to get a hearing aid put for Arpan. Arpan had profound hearing loss (Greater than 90 dbs).We immediately got the hearing aid. During this period someone told us about SUNIYE. We decided to take Arpan to Suniye and start his speech therapy. The hearing aid was not of much use to Arpan and he was still not able to hear properly. He was aware of sounds, but was not able to comprehend the sound and therefore did not respond to the sounds.

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